The Sweet Three: Freak Yo' Food

    The Sweet Three: Freak Yo' Food

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    There's a reason we say "Freak Yo' Food!"  You can use these with literally ANYTHING.  We'll hand it over to you from here.

    Raw Ohio Wildflower Honey: For the honey lover who appreciates the simple flavor of a more 'regular' honey.  If you put this in your tea, you also have to douse your vanilla ice cream with it too.  Those are just the rules.
    Bourbon Barrel Honey: This flavor is what life is all about. With just the right hint of the spirit of bourbon it will have you creeping your ex's Facebook page to see if they're using it too.  Ok, not a good idea.  But is a good idea to put this on anything possible.

    Habanero Hot Honey: Sweet & Heat. Sweet & Heat. Flavor so good, I had to say it twice.  From Raw to Wow!

    3 oz. jar of each