Jamaican Jerk Style Seasoning

    Jamaican Jerk Style Seasoning


    People love Jamaica for its beaches, but return home wanting more of the Jerk. Now you can add the distinct taste of Caribbean flavor to all your special dishes. For real jerk flavor, it is worth the extra time it takes to make a marinade, but if you are not into marinades the flavor is still great sprinkled over ribs, chicken, fish and grilled shrimp or veggies. Authentic Jerk is an elaborate blend of chilis, peppers, allspice, onions, and many other spices. Jerk has the reputation of having nice subtle heat, and Juliabelles does not disappoint!  Salt-free   2 oz.

    Ingredients:  spices, brown sugar, nutmeg, allspice, scotch bonnet flakes, cinnamon, turbinado sugar