Cinnamon Nice! Tea

    Cinnamon Nice! Tea


    A blend of black teas and lots of cinnamon goodness! With the natural taste of hot tamale candy flavor you get the best of sweet and cinnamon in this delicious tea! This spice infused blend of black tea formulated with the sweet yet spicy flavor of cinnamon and a relaxing aroma of cloves and orange peel is the ideal pick-me-up beverage to take away all your stress and anxiety and transport you to an enchanting world of serenity. Its profusion of antioxidants along with its cholesterol reducing qualities and anti-diabetic  attributes make Cinnamon Tea an essential element of your diet. Enjoy it as a hot drink to indulge in its woody fragrance or as an iced liquid refreshment to take advantage of its numerous health benefits. It helps your brain fight against neuro-degenerative diseases and keeps your mind young and fresh at all times.

    Ingredients: *A blend of black teas, cinnamon, cloves, and orange peel. *Organic

    Directions: 1 tsp.| 212°| 4-5 minutes


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