AJ Assortment Fruit Snacks
AJ Assortment Fruit Snacks

    AJ Assortment Fruit Snacks


    12 pk

    Pineapple+Acai Drizzle (3)
    Blueberry+Acai Drizzle (3)
    Peach+Acai Drizzle (3)
    Mango (3)

    We’re about giving everyone a chance at something better - especially people who face significant barriers to a good life. We are incredibly proud to employ adults with disabilities in full wage jobs. They produce each and every one of our snacks. These fruit snacks are named after AJ, our very first team member with disabilities. His warmth and support has helped shape Peaceful Fruits from the very beginning! 

    Portable fruit, good to go.

    Ever try carrying a pineapple in your pocket?

    Peaceful Fruits makes it easy. Our snacks are a full serving of fruit in a super convenient form. They fit nicely in school lunch bags, backpacks, glove compartments, purses, and desks. Try that with a pineapple!