Summer Snack Box

    Summer Snack Box

    $32.75 $34.39

    Enjoy a fabulous Summer Snack pack of 330 products from your local favorites!

    Norka Soda
    Four bottles of the Nostalgic Akron craft soda! Made with pure cane sugar, 100% natural flavors, caffeine free, and gluten free. Your flavor sample pack includes one each: Orange, Cherry-Strawberry, Root Beer, and Ginger Ale. 

    Hartville Potato Chips
    Two 8oz bags, one regular and one wavy, of the area's best small-batch kettle potato chips! 

    The Boozy Blonde
    Delicious Dill Dip: The perfect dipping sauce for your chips, veggies, and more! Mix with sour cream, cream cheese, or greek yogurt for a variety of ways to serve.

    Muck Monster
    Habanero Ranch dip and dressing: Filled with flavor, this dressing alternative to your normal ranch will leave the others in the dust! Add to sandwiches, salads, dips, and more!

    Muck Nuts
    A fabulous blend of spices and roasted peanuts, this mouth-watering snack will leave you wanting more!