Cherry Bomb Wine Slush Mix

    Cherry Bomb Wine Slush Mix


    A classic cherry flavored slush mix. Mix uses a 750 mL bottle of wine.

    To make a Wine Slush pour mix into a gallon-size zip-top freezer bag and add 2 cups of water and a 750 mL bottle of dry white wine. Seal bag, shake to mix until the powder dissolves, freeze 4+ hours, then knead bag to break up into a slush. Pour into a wine glass and enjoy. Recipe makes six, 8 oz servings.

    To make a hard cocktail blend mix with 4 cups ice, and 1 cup liquor; such as rum, vodka, or tequila, in a blender on the frozen drink setting. Pour into glasses and enjoy. (Adjust liquor amount according to your tastes and how strong you'd like your drink.) Recipe makes about six 8 oz servings.