Akron Honey

"The way in which you produce can build quality. The way in which you design your process can build quality. But there's an intersection at corner of urban agriculture, entrepreneurship, local food movement, and community responsibility that can show you how to improve people and places."

Akron Honey- Fall Harvest


The Sweet Three: Freak Yo' Food


Akron Honey- Spring Harvest


The rest of Akron Honey's Story

Beginning with a passion to develop his neighborhood, a vacant city lot, and some honeybees, Wesley harvested his first small batch of local urban honey which he now uses to create incredible foods.

His First Simple Idea 

As a citizen of Akron, Ohio, Wesley began buying blighted vacant lots and transforming them into apiaries all around the city. When people began hearing of his varietal urban honey and passion for creating a better city, they began searching for ways to get their own jar of urban gold. At that moment, Wesley named the jars "Akron Honey", and took flight.

Market Day Success 

Wesley took a chance and assembled Akron's most vibrant brands to have an open air market directly outside of his first apiary. The result was amazing. People discovered a love for that neighborhood, and could not stop buying Wesley's Akron Honey

Honey: The ultimate ingredient 

Through 90 degree summers Wesley stumbled onto a big personal discovery: honey made almost everything taste better. "So why just harvest and serve honey", he thought. That's when the adventure in flavor by honey began.